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Daniel O’Donnel – Show

Daniel O’Donnel – Show

Daniel O’Donnell entertains Branson with his great country music and Irish charm.

Daniel O’ Donnell, also known as Daniel Bosco grew up in Donegal Ireland a small town on the coast.  His family took the name Bosco to make it easier to distinguish themselves from the other O’ Donnells in the area.  Daniel O’ Donnell was influenced greatly by his sister who began her musical career at age twelve.  Daniel O’ Donnell would travel regularly with his mother to watch his sister perform.  At one her shows, Daniel O’ Donnell got his first chance at musical stardom when his sister invited him on the stage to sing.

Daniel O’ Donnell began his career singing Irish country music as a teenager and became instant overnight success. Daniel played Irish ex-patriot clubs in the U.K., which resulted into a quick change to performing to sell out audiences in auditoriums.  Daniel O’ Donnell is well known for his love of fans as he would spend hours after his shows signing autographs.  Daniel O’ Donnell would also invite fans over to his house in Kincasslagh, CO. on the Donegal coast to have tea.  Now a superstar Daniel O’ Donnell performs in Branson during specific times of the year.  Come to Branson and here the songs that made Daniel O’ Donnell a star in Ireland,Australia and America.

You can watch Daniel O’ Donnell play at the Tri-Lake Center. This auditorium is over 150,000 square feet and will seat 2,600.  For more information Daniel O’ Donnell or to purchase Daniel O’ Donnell tickets, you can call the Tri-Lake Center at(417) 335-5715.  You can also visit Daniel O’ Donnell on his website at