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Branson Missouri Information

The Legends in Concert

The Legends in Concert is Great Music and Entertainment for all ages. Legends in Concert started in 1983 and are credited with being the first celebrity impersonator show. With celebrities like Elvis, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, and the Blues Brothers, Legends in

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Daniel O’Donnel – Show

Daniel O’Donnell entertains Branson with his great country music and Irish charm. Daniel O’ Donnell, also known as Daniel Bosco grew up in Donegal Ireland a small town on the coast.  His family took the name Bosco to make it easier to distinguish themselves from the other O’ Donnells in the area.  Daniel O’ Donnell was influenced greatly by his sister who began her musical career at age twelve.  Daniel O’ Donnell would travel regularly with his mother to watch his sister perform.  At one her shows, Daniel O’ Donnell got his first chance at musical stardom when his sister invited him on the stage to sing. Daniel O’ Donnell began his career singing Irish country music as a teenager and became instant overnight success. Daniel played Irish ex-patriot clubs in the U.K., which resulted into a quick change to performing to sell out audiences in auditoriums.  Daniel...

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Mickey Gilley – Show

Mickey Gilley is one of Branson Missouri’s favorites. Mickey Gilley is considered a country legend with a list of 39 hit songs under his belt.  Mickey Gilley is known for being one of the creators for Gilley’s club.  Mickey Gilley’s Club is remembered as a modern country music night club which opened in 1977 a closed in 1989.  Mickey Gilley’s club was credited with being the most famous country night club in the world.  During its hot years, Gilley’s attracted attention from every country music star, and if you were to be considered a star…you had to play at Gilley’s.  Modern country music is believed to have started at Mickey Gilley’s Club.  It allowed artists to break away from the traditional style and move towards a pop style.  Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta, was filmed on the Gilley’s site. This 1980 movie was such a hit...

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Dixie Stampede – Show

Dixie Stampede is Entertainment and Food that the whole family will enjoy. Dixie Stampede is Dolly Parton’s childhood dream come true. Hailed by Dolly Parton as “The Most Fun Place to Eat,” the 35,000 square foot Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede show is based on her memories of family fun.” The Dixie Stampede show offers guests one of the most unique entertainment experiences in Branson Missouri. Great fun for everyone, the 90-minute Dixie Stampede show is an entertaining combination of a Buffalo Bill Wild West show and friendly Civil War rivalry met with the southern charm and horse-drawn carriages.  With a large cast including 32 horses, the Dixie Stampede show is filled with trick riding, barrel racing, ostrich and pig races, singing, dancing, comedy and special lighting effects. With a variety of horses from Quarter to Belgian draft steeds, Branson visitors will...

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Andy Williams – Show

Andy Williams sings into the heart of Branson Missourivisitors nightly in his Moon River theatre just off of 76.  Andy Williams has had a string of success in television, radio, and music.  The late President Ronald Reagan recognized the voice of Andy Williams as a “national treasure”.  With hit songs like “Butterfly” and “The Hawaiian Wedding Song”, the Andy Williams show puts on a great Branson show like no other. Andy Williams’s musical career began when he was eight years old.  Together with his three brothers, Andy Williams sang in there parents Presbyterian church choir.  Born in Wall Lake, Iowa, and the increasing success of Andy Williams and his brothers, it only took a short time for the group to be featured on WLS in Chicago and WLW in Cincinnati.  During his routine broadcasts on the radio, Andy Williams and his brothers grabbed the attention of legendary Bing Crosby.  With the assistance of Bing Crosby, the Andy Williams...

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